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    louis vuitton jewelry box Shandong proud ornaments mainly computer equipment more than 800 sets of high-speed sewing machine , all kinds of imported suits, shirts and special equipment more than 270 Taiwan ( sets ) , the annual output of 1.The C2B ( consumer-driven business ) model not only allows consumers to buy more personalized goods are also more cost-effective , but also help companies produce more representative of the product , the brand started .Cushman 0026 Wakefield recently held in China in the second quarter news conference in Beijing , China for the second half of the commercial real estate development trends are discussed.Reporters recently learned from one of the major group buying platform " together cost-effective " was informed that with the end of the industry reshuffle , "custom" is becoming a consumer to buy the latest trends .The story behind the exhibitsFrench side of the event Rick Jia De La exhibition curator , said: "The choice is not only to showcase the works of its shape , but also to people about something hidden behind each piece of the story from France and the French perfected shape the worlds best know the ideal state of the art of living .

    " according to Cushman 0026 Wakefield Research data show that as of the first half of 2013 , Cushman 0026 Wakefield Research, regular monitoring of the total stock of retail properties in 20 cities over 56 million square meters . louis vuitton handbags Cushman 0026 Wakefield Research, regular monitoring of China 20 average Grade A office leasing office market prices rose to 202 yuan per square meter ( equivalent to 141 yuan per square meter per month ) per month.1899 horseless manned vehiclesAs Royal Meridian Gate opening ceremony of the French Culture Year concert has not played, "the French fashion for 100 years ," large-scale exhibition has been designed with a strong French style , will attract a large audience to the National Museum." "Old " World Tai Seng shop reflects cheongsam custom also mid- 2000 yuan price -based, " Wuxi custom clothing shop a lot, but really well done much .From the current order situation, the order can be discharged in April and May next year , but mainly old customer oriented.

    louis vuitton jobs fashi " Shopping centers : the highest proportion of Cushman 0026 Wakefield in Shenzhen China Research Director Zhang Ping said: "For the retail real estate market , the future will show a diverse pattern, online shopping will show greater growth potential , total online retail market transactions total retail sales of social consumer goods ratio will continue to rise .The future is not a business decision to buy a product or a service , but an enterprise by buying platform after collecting consumer requirements, and then give the corresponding products or services.42% , compared with the same period last year fell 6 percent growth rate , compared with the same period in the previous year the growth rate dropped by nearly 20 percentage points , the whole industry realized sales revenue of 189.The data also show that the elderly have begun to pursue new fashion network market , in 2012 , nearly 5,000,050 beginning in the elderly over the age of online shopping .

    " Poly cost has also said that based on market buy custom prospects, this year will be officially launched mass customization platform " poly custom" , the first force customized services appliances , home , travel , telecommunications and other industries." Xixi area after more than 20 stores concentrated mainly taking the low road , most of the price does not exceed $ 500, mostly elderly customer oriented . louis vuitton iphe 4 case " Xixi area after more than 20 stores concentrated mainly taking the low road , most of the price does not exceed $ 500, mostly elderly customer oriented .Analysys International analyst Shou sent noted that traditional industries vulnerable to " blindfolded design , gambling style production , yahuo in the channel ", " custom buy" to please millions of potential users involved in product design , and thus tap most people s common needs , and then produce products for these users.In the August 14 media reporters conference, Liu Qiang East are more willing these price wars occur once summed up as "coincidence " word." Many shopkeepers believe that custom clothing is still a small minority , and not into the daily lives of most people .


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